After School Clubs Support

We offer support to local communities who wish to start an After School Club. After School Clubs provide both formal and complimentary educational supports to young people of school-going age, after school hours. They are open to all young people, but especially those who may require additional support with homework etc. After School Clubs offer homework support, complimentary educational projects and recreational activities.

Home Work Supportservices_after_schools_club_support

The clubs provide participants with the back-up and suitable environment to do homework given to them by their teachers. These groups are designed to support pupils who regularly have difficulty completing home work and as a result may be falling behind in class. The Clubs provide the opportunity for pupils to work through their assignments where they can ask for assistance if they have any problems. The Clubs’ supervisors can also provide support to participants with literacy and numeracy difficulties, on a one-to-one basis.


Comservices_after_schools_club_support_02plimentary Education

After School Clubs can also provide a mixed programme of events, which will not only address academic needs, but will also provide complimentary education, through recreational activities e.g. story-telling, music, arts & crafts and drama etc. The combination of both homework support and complimentary programmes are beneficial in attracting and holding the attention of young people who would easily loose interest in solely homework support programmes. Collectively, these activities are also designed to build the participants’ confidence through the complimentary educational process.


Functions and Aims

  • To provide a quiet, supportive environment for students to complete their homework.
  • To provide assistance to students who have difficulties in completing their homework.
  • To encourage students to develop favourable study habits.
  • To provide a safe and supportive environment for school-aged young people to engage in activities which are recreational and educational.
  • To encourage and develop young people to relax and socialise with their peers on a regular basis throughout the week.
  • To provide a support system to encourage young people at risk of dropping out of school, to remain on in full-time education.
  • To provide a setting where parents, teachers and youth services can work together to enable young people ‘get more’ out of school.